Calm After The Storm Friendship Spell

Calm After The Storm Friendship Spell

Calm After The Storm Friendship Spell It happens to everyone to argue with a close friend, and for this reason, we may end up losing a much-needed friendship.

This ritual serves precisely to recover the lost relationship. Attention, it is not a ritual to recover love, but only an important friendship.

The best time to do this is during a waxing moon.

Things you need
5 pink rose petals
5 white rose petals
Sea salt
Paper and pen

How Calm After The Storm Friendship Spell it’s done

On the sheet of paper, write your name and surname plus that of your friend. Put salt and rose petals on the top of the sheet.

Breathe in deeply as you remember all the best moments you spent together and the important things you shared. Try to retrace and feel those sensations. When you are ready, let the air out and put your index finger on the sheet, trying to feel the energy of those beautiful moments that flow inside your body; your finger will act as a conductor.

Meanwhile, repeat the following formula:

I invoke you, O Domain, the angel of friendship,
I humbly ask you to meet us again
Guide (your friend’s name) to return to me.
Rekindle our friendship,
for the greater good.
So be it!

Fold the sheet over itself several times and bury it at the foot of an old tree.