Magic – More On White And Black Magic Spells

The Science Magical Spells

White magic and black magic are used to outmaneuver opponents or enhance the chances of success in life. Magical practices and interpretations have accompanied man from time immemorial. They have survived the scientific revolution and continue to fascinate human imagination. Black cats, roosters, sticking pins in dolls, peacock feathers, strands of the hair, personal photos – these are just a part of the arsenal needed to carry a magic ritual. Everything is done in order to influence destiny (personal or someone else’s). In other words, magic is a channel through which energy can be transmitted or captured.

This fascinating universe is regarded with wariness by some and enthusiasm by others. There are people whose lives are constant magical practices. Magical power guarantees you many benefits in your spirit – all you need to know is how to use them to your advantage or for noble purposes. Otherwise, things could easily escape control and turn against you.

The Background Of Magic

Although it was brought to general attention with the release of Harry Potter in the mid 90s, charms and incantations origin is lost in the mists of time. In the distant past, medicine and magic rituals intertwine proven by the words “charm” and “pharmacy” (have common roots – come from Latin pharmacum). Far from considering it an occult practice, our ancestors were using magic as a way to explain phenomena and mysteries still unexplained by science. Insiders (Magi or masters) could not practice rituals themselves without going through a rigorous “examination” to prove their quality of intermediary between mortals and omnipotent gods. Magic takes its name from the Magi, a Zoroastrian priestly caste, an ancient religion of the peoples of Central Asia, Iran and Azerbaijan, characterized by the dualism of good and evil.

Today magic spells come in very many forms. There are good magic spells, real magic spells, candle magical spells, white magic spells, voodoo magic spells and African black magic spells. All these spells are cast with one sole purpose: to control destiny and influence fate. Use the form below for casting magical spells.

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