Magic Spells That Work – Black And White Magic

What is magic and magic spells?

Magic is a culmination of esoteric science. It is the application of science’s quintessential secret. Magic is based on the practical application of the 7 Laws of Kybalioanului. The most eloquent of these is the Law of mentalism. Its statement reads as follows: The universe is mental, everything is spirit. Applying this law we can say that everything, including the matter is a manifestation of the spirit, which is an energetic vibration.

Black And White Magic Spells

The techniques used in magic are unique, but if they are used to create something good then it is called white magic. When the forces of magic are used to hurt or break a person’s free will, it is called black magic. The techniques used in magic are based on a perfect knowledge of the secret doctrine on the use of existing symbols and tarot magician’s ability and mental strength. Mental strength development is achieved through specific exercises and rhythmic consistently. It is good that these things be done under the guidance and supervision of a person approved.

The relationship between the one who wants to access these performances and the seeker is that of relationship advisor or subordination – no master-disciple relationship attributes. The relationship should be collaborative and completely independent of the apprentice who wants to steal something from the master’s art.

The Techniques Of Magic And Magic Spells

They can be active or passive. Active techniques aim to achieve objectives by directing thought forms on a target. Passive techniques are techniques for protection purposes. They consist of the manufacture and wearing of talismans, impregnation of objects with thought as the spiritual seal of security and protection role.

Anyone who wants to perform those rites should be very well prepared in terms of information and energy level. They should be strong and have a perfect control over their capacities. To work safely with magical forces, anyone who intends to travel this long internship and continuously improve their skills must exercise self-control.

Magic spells can do for you just anything. Whether you want a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, money, success, protection or revenge; cast my powerful magic spells today and see what magic has got in store for you. Use the form below for casting magic spells that really work.

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