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simple weight loss spell

Your Appearance Matters! – Cast My Simple Weight Loss Spell

What woman (or even man) is not dissatisfied with his/her appearance, especially when there is some considerable bulk hanging on them? Many want and do everything to lose a few pounds. Today, some even achieve and improve their physical appeal to using the infallible weight loss spells. Today, in my article, I would like to talk about some simple spells that can help you lose that weight or shed of the extra pounds. Let me start from the simples!

A glass of warm water every morning: By taking a glass of warm water in the morning thirty minutes before having breakfast for a week; you can see some good results.

The rice simple weight loss spell: put in a glass of water the amount of rice grains equivalent to the weight you want to lose weight, for example, if you want to lose 20 kilos, put 20 grains of rice in a glass of water. Take this glass with the after the water has rested only at night. This should be done for 56 consecutive nights.

Eggplant simple weight loss spell: at the beginning of the waning phase of the moon, beat an eggplant into cubes; beat in the blender with water. Add the amount of cubes equivalent to the number of kilos you want to lose, the same story as of the glass of rice, for example, if you want to lose 10 kilos, put in the Cup ten pieces of eggplant, you can add mint and a few orange or lemon droplets to help in flavor and one should take the juice every day until the next moon. Many women adopt this weight loss spell and it is well known.

Remember that….

Medically, the doctors and nutritionists advise you not to rely n only weight loss spells to lose weight. A healthy diet and eating habits such as eating healthier foods, doing regular exercise, among other measures should also be incorporated. If you would like to know more about my weight loss spell, please contact me using the form below.

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