I truly wonder how the world will be without culture and tradition. If we were all to abandon our culture and start believing in these modern western cultures, I wonder what would happen, if our fellow ancestors and late traditional healers and diviners were to chose someone for a calling and they ignore it, if no one was to perform traditional activities that should be performed from childhood until you die, if all these other powerful diseases were to be cured by doctors only. I truly wonder how it would have been if there was absolutely no one who believes in anything that has to do with our culture and tradition.

But no, that can never happen. The reason is easy; you can never run away from your culture. Whether you like it or not and however you try to be more powerful enough to abandon your culture, you can never do that. Not while you still have ancestors, not while you still have elders, not while you are still born from the family that believes in culture and tradition. You start this from your childhood, when you don’t have a say. There are various traditional practices performed for our children. And those children who grow without these traditional practices performed for them, they face problems in their lives as time goes on.

You find the child not performing well at school, the child undergoes different illnesses that the doctors cannot heal. It’s not really illnesses but its how your elders who are ancestors are demanding that you perform all the practices for the child. Unless you have got unimaginable guts but you cannot let your child die. You will perform these practices and after performing them and realizing that they were the only cause to the illness and other problems, maybe you can then realize that the power of our ancestors and culture is more that what we can handle.

The same thing with people who were called to be the traditional diviners but they refused or someone ignored it, they are facing unimaginable problems that they cannot sort out on their own. Some cannot get the job, they cannot get married or find their true lover, they are suffering from unnecessary illnesses and when they visit traditional diviners, the only response that get there is that they have to accept the calling or else nothing is going to work out for them. So, traditional practices like spell casting, traditional healing, traditional divination, psychic reading and so on are not going to anywhere. You just have to live with that.